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Sumaiya Khatun
Mar 31, 2022
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Three-quarters of the decision makers surveyed Email List expect stable or growing revenue this year 03 Mar 2015 Editorial board There are some positive signs in the market economy in Europe . According to the report on the European Economic Impact Email List published by Sage Enterprise Market Europe , in 2014 mid-market companies contributed 1.03 trillion euros to the European economy and these figures are expected to increase in 2015 reaching 1. , 06 trillion Email List and then continue in 2019 to score 1.2 trillion euros. The research conducted by the Center for Email List Economic and Business Research has analyzed the importance that medium-sized companies have had on the main economies of the European Union and what has emerged highlights the fact that the Email List mid-market is an indispensable component of European economic activities that represents 1% of companies, but it is worth 20% of turnover and 18% of GVA; in addition, it offers employment to 17% of the Email List workforce. Two-thirds of medium-sized companies produce Email List innovation by developing or adopting new products or business processes; and in as many as 9 of the 12 Email List countries considered for the research, it was found that workers in mid-market companies generate greater value than the average. In spite of the continuing uncertainty that dominates Europe, mid-market Email List companies are showing signs of optimism in relation to the business.
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Sumaiya Khatun

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