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Shopon Hossin
Apr 03, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
In front of the omnipresent presidential figure rises, almost mechanically, a vast coalition of interests and social, political and economic forces. In Whatsapp Mobile Number List partisan terms, the internal composition of the two historical principals —partners in the so-called transition to democracy, which the workers call PRIAN (the PRI plus the PAN)— has not changed in terms of the interests they represent: the PRI plus socially transversal, embedded in the Whatsapp Mobile Number List state apparatus and public employment and ideologically chameleon-like. The PAN more liberal and anchored to the Whatsapp Mobile Number List property-owning classes, as well as culturally more conservative and linked to the most reactionary Catholicism. The novelty of the coalition is the incorporation of the PRD, a more symbolic Whatsapp Mobile Number List novelty since it is the residue of the vast progressive party of yesteryear. But the symbolic has its value since it accounts for the attempt to form a broad front that is not identified and labeled as "right-wing." For this reason, the PRD charged dearly at the time of the distribution of the electoral districts and it is possible that it will manage to survive artificially, above its own possibilities. Indeed, we must consider that in Mexico Whatsapp Mobile Number List the term "right" has a negative connotation since the Mexican revolution. The PAN itself, which emerged in opposition to Cardenismo in the 1930s, tried to dilute its origins with grafts from the social doctrine of the Church. The PRI, for its part, turned to the right in the 1980s, without Whatsapp Mobile Number List abandoning its centrist genetics and rhetoric and its corresponding cross-class precepts. Carlos Salinas de Gortari himself, in times of open neoliberalism, waved slogans of "social liberalism" and "solidarity."
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Shopon Hossin

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