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Jul 28, 2022
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Neither side was able to convince the other; so Ma Huateng decided to put both icons on the Internet and let users vote to decide which one to use—the final answer is known to everyone, and Penguin finally win. The early experience has gradually condensed into QQ's innovative methodology: speaking through data; and in the team white paper released by QQ before, it was also mentioned that the work philosophy of QQ people is to embrace change, not be afraid of the cost, and provide Tryers applaud. In other words, there is no single word for QQ's functional updates, but continuous small steps, rapid trial and error and iteration. For example, the QQ team often brings up such a case to the outside world: In 2013, when the mobile trend was on the rise, mobile QQ canceled the online status display in version 4.0, and it was impossible to identify whether it was online on PC or WeChat. Click "Dynamic" - "Online Friends" to see online friends. This update caused huge b2b data controversy after it went online. QQ immediately publicly stated that it will optimize within two weeks based on user opinions, not only improving the online status and contact list in the new version, but also providing a convenient exit button for Android users; although the attempt failed, QQ's understanding of user needs has been improved. Sensitivity to data and feedback requires QQ to maintain a very good interaction with users for a long time. QQ’s official account, Weibo, is now regarded as a “wish pool” by users; for example, under the tweets of the “teenage model” mentioned above on the QQ official account, some users “make a wish” QQ can develop a batch of The function of deleting QQ avatars; even the post-90s sighed: "QQ is so good for the post-90s, when will there be an elderly model for the post-90s?":
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Village live Fun & entertainment

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