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Apr 12, 2022
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Newspapers are important. But managing an email list and making time to create and submit newsletters is not in line with your schedule (or budget). Did you know that you can post updates from your WordPress dashboard? And even better - are there a few WordPress plugins you can use to make the setup easier? Today we’re going to take a look at some of the easiest ways to manage your journal with WordPress. So without any hesitation, let’s get into what we consider to be the best email and newsletter plugins for WordPress. 1. MailPoet MailPoet Emails & Newsletters Info & Download See Demo MailPoet is a powerful text editor and email manager that integrates well with WordPress. You can build your mailing list, create newsletters and send them directly to the WordPress whatsapp phone number list dashboard. Plus 100% free up to 2,000 customers! So what makes MailPoet one of the best WordPress newsletter plugins? Let’s start from the beginning - first, it’s very easy to set up and use. Just install and add MailPoet like any other plugin, you are ready to send updates. No additional repairs or service plans are required. You can now create/ manage your customers and lists from WordPress! Next, MailPoet is a powerful editor to create and customize your email. Choose where to create a magazine, an automatic subscription email, or an automatic “new article” notification. Then choose a finished model, take action and you’re ready to go! Of course, you can fix it MailPoet also offers a full WooCommerce integration, though one of the many features of MailPoet premium (well worth your upgrade). If you upgrade to pro, you can send a welcome email to customers, product promotions and new product announcements (note: abandoned carts and customer rewards are on the way!). The Pro also features audience engagement statistics (click and open), a new footer with white marks, daily support and the ability to send more emails to customers via ‘ all methods (such as SMTP).
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