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Robinrobi Seo
Jun 09, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
Editor's introduction: Junior product managers may encounter many problems in the work process. In this article, the author combines category email list his own experience and describes how product managers should improve product capabilities from six aspects. Interested friends, come and take a look together, I hope it will help you. Product managers tend to have such a phenomenon: they category email list have read a lot of product articles, learned some product courses, learned a lot of high-level model theories, and pay attention to Internet information every day. It just doesn't work, and exposes various problems that the basic skills are not solid. Why do I still fail to meet the requirements after reading so many articles on sharing summaries and methodologies of big category email list coffees? Combining my own experience, I summed up the reasons in two aspects. On the one hand, the content of the articles I read is general and not enough to talk about, or it is not universal, and it is only applicable to the author's own category email list projects and work, and it is difficult to learn and imitate. On the other hand, you just skim through it, like watching the news, without deeply understanding the essence of it, and without applying it in practice. The main content of this article is a summary of the skills of each link in the work process of the junior product manager. When I wrote it, I tried to extract it from the existing work content and did not involve my specific business. Therefore, product managers in different sub-fields can Universal. In order to distinguish what skills, skills, and abilities are, I have made the following definitions here: Skill: It is a means to quickly improve skills, part of skills, and can be learned and copied Skills: It iaws inferences category email list from other facts. It is difficult to copy and needs to be summarized and refined by oneself. It can be seen that to improve product capabilities, you can start with learning skills, then master comprehensive skills, and finally extract general capabilities, and so on. The main content category email list of this article: Essential Qualities for Junior Product Managers Requirements gathering and filtering product design project management communication skills Methodology construction
Why I Have Learned So Much, but I Still Category Email List Can't Do It Well? content media
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Robinrobi Seo

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